andrew lum
composer • arranger • producer • photographer • master distiller • mixologist

andrew lum

composer arranger producer

An award-winning composer, arranger and producer from Singapore, Andrew is the founder of New Asia, one of the most progressive groups in the region. 

In 30 years of his career, he has worked in Taipei, Hong Kong, London, India, China, Malaysia and Vancouver, and has collaborated with the renowned in the international music industry including Ryuichi Sakamoto, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Jorge Callendrelli (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), Kenny Wen, John Kaizan Neptune, V Selvaganesh (from the Grammy Nominee group Remember Shakti), Goh Hotoda (who has worked with Janet Jackson, Madonna, Prince, etc) and many others. 

He scored for the TV mini-series AlterAsians, which won the Finalist Award in the prestigious New York Festivals and one of his compositions, New Asia, was the Top 10 in the World Music Category of the International Songwriting Competition. His compositions used by the highly successful 12-girl band Jyuni Jyoshi Gakubou from China has sold more than 3 million copies in worldwide.

Below is a partial list of the recent awards of Andrew Lum:

Finalist Awards - New York Festivals for 1999 and 2000
Top 10 Awards (World Music) - USA International Songwriting Competition for 2004 and 2005
Honourable Mention - Billboard World Song Contest for 2006
Finalist Award - ISC Songwriting Competition USA for 2007
Arranger for Best Instrumental Album - Taiwan Golden Melody Award for 1996
Top Instrumental Awards - Composers & Authors Society Singapore for 2006, 2007, 2009 & 2010
Wings of Excellence Award - Composers & Authors Society Singapore for 2006